The data that an enterprise generates and receives must be loaded into a data warehouse, designed specifically for reporting and analysis. With our expertise in SSAS and managing VLDB, we can design a data warehousing solution that enables you to load your data fast and respond quickly to changes. This allows your users to perform analytics at enterprise-scale and make better business decisions.

As database platforms have become more sophisticated over the years, DBAs have inherited more and more tasks and responsibilities than ever before.

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Today many companies require some or all of their critical data to be highly-available.

In a perfect world, this critical data would remain available and nothing would threaten its availability. In the real world, however, there are numerous problems that can cause data to become unavailable. —commonly called a “high-availability strategy”.

If high availability of the data is required, a proactive strategy must be formulated to mitigate the threats to availability

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Why should care about health checks? The answer is short and simple. If you are a database administrator or anyone who is in charge of managing one or more SQL Server instances, then you should care because you are the guardian of the company’s data.

We are vested with the huge responsibility to make sure that your data is maintained, always available, easily retrievable, and quickly attainable.

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High Availability and Disaster Recovery

The main goal of high availability (HA) is to minimize and mitigate the impact of downtime to end users and maximize availability

Microsoft SQL Server provides multiple technologies which take care of a business’ High Availability and Disaster Recovery needs. Instead of going with the one size fits all approach our seasoned experts deeply understand and analyse the business requirements and suggest a suitable HADR solution accordingly.

Redesign Legacy Systems

The main goal of high availability (HA) is to minimize and mitigate the impact of downtime to end users and maximize availability

If your legacy systems have problems to scale to performance because of old designs, then our architects are at you services. We can help you Re-Design your systems with latest technologies and designs which scales as per your expectations.


Measuring programming progress by lines of code is like measuring aircraft building progress by weight. – Bill Gates

Round the Clock Monitoring

Simple routine preventative support and maintenance can avert disaster, minimize losses, and avoid costly technical support down the road

24×7 Monitoring and Support – We provide comprehensive monitoring and support for all client critical environments. Our state-of-the-art alerting techniques monitor the client environments and capture all critical metrics with negligible impact.

SQL Development

Any complex development requires well planned design and proper implementation for best performance.

We are the partner you need for mission critical and complex database development.Our experts have decades of experience in developing database solutions for businesses, large and small. We do databases development which is robust, secure and scalable that can integrate well with existing infrastructure.


DBA Essentials

  • End to End Database Administration
                  From Regular Backups to HADR – every aspect of database administration covered

  • Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly Health Checks and Audits

  • Upgrades and Installs
                 SQL Server Estate Modernization
                 SQL Server Security and Patch Management

  • Migrations

  • 24×7 Monitoring and Alerting

Performance Advantage


  • Architectural Consulting

  • Regular Code Reviews

  • Performance Tuning
                 Identify queries and stored procs impacting performance
                 Tune and Optimize queries and stored procs

  • 24×7 Monitoring and Alerting