DBA must ensure the continuation of database functions, the integrity of the database and that databases are backed up regularly and are easily restorable. The DBA is instrumental in establishing policies, procedures, and best practices, and in enforcing their use across the enterprise.

As database platforms have become more sophisticated over the years, DBAs have inherited more and more tasks and responsibilities than ever before.

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Today many companies require some or all of their critical data to be highly-available.

In a perfect world, this critical data would remain available and nothing would threaten its availability. In the real world, however, there are numerous problems that can cause data to become unavailable. —commonly called a “high-availability strategy”.

If high availability of the data is required, a proactive strategy must be formulated to mitigate the threats to availability

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Why should care about health checks? The answer is short and simple. If you are a database administrator or anyone who is in charge of managing one or more SQL Server instances, then you should care because you are the guardian of the company’s data.

We are vested with the huge responsibility to make sure that your data is maintained, always available, easily retrievable, and quickly attainable.

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High Availability and Disaster Recovery

The main goal of high availability (HA) is to minimize and mitigate the impact of downtime to end users and maximize availability

Microsoft SQL Server provides multiple technologies which take care of a business’ High Availability and Disaster Recovery needs. Instead of going with the one size fits all approach our seasoned experts deeply understand and analyse the business requirements and suggest a suitable HADR solution accordingly.

Performance Tuning

Query tuning and optimization is important to improve the performance of your databases and applications.

  • Assess current health of the server
  • Identify the queries that slow down the SQL Server/Application
  • Preparation of an assessment report
  • Action basis the gaps identified
  • Guaranteed Performance Improvement

Upgrades and Migrations

Based on business ,a well designed plans helps to accomplish migration with minimum risks and zero downtime.

We help plan upgrades for your legacy systems and migrate them to the latest version of SQL Server. To put the business a step forward it would be critical to ensure that the entire upgrade and migration activity goes smooth and the business and end users can interact without any interruptions. With our extensive experience in handling upgrades and migrations, we can ensure that your business moves ahead without any interruptions.

Comprehensive Database Management and Administration Services

SQL Server is a very complicated set of end-to-end data processing technologies, and its correct functioning is crucial for every business.

We provide end to end database administration and management services for Microsoft SQL Server. Our DBAs perform all administration activities that are required to maintain a successful database environment. Whether it be patching and installing updates or setting advanced database configurations related to any aspect of the database, we cover it all..

On Going Health Checks

Why not perform a health check? There is no good reason for not doing one.

Our regular health checks ensure that we get hold of relevant information and statistics very much in time and resolve issues before they become critical and start affecting the performance of your database and thereby your application.
Our custom solutions pinpoint underlying issues with precision and help us deliver great performance enhancements for our customers in a very short span of time.

Round the Clock Monitoring

Simple routine preventative support and maintenance can avert disaster, minimize losses, and avoid costly technical support down the road

24×7 Monitoring and Support – We provide comprehensive monitoring and support for all client critical environments. Our state-of-the-art alerting techniques monitor the client environments and capture all critical metrics with negligible impact.